Howdy Earthlings, I’m Jason, laptop entrepreneur, systems fanatic, freedom seeker, and aspiring artist.

You’ve managed to make your way all the way to my home base. Nice to have you here and welcome to the soon-to-be new and improved version of the launch pad. While we get this bad boy ready for lift off, make yourself at home and browse around a bit. I’m hoping you will join me as I continue to take on this Quest to make a dent in the Universe.

I’m going to take a guess you saw some of my art, heard about one of my businesses, or are otherwise just doing some stalking to find out more about me. That’s cool, because I’ve built this site so you can get an idea of who I am, what I’m up to, and hopefully learn a thing or two in the process.

So go ahead and explore around a bit, and let me know if you’d like to connect.

Return of the Blog: What to Expect

Since we’re getting back together and going to start hanging out again, I want to give you little bit of insight into what to expect from this blog this time around. Because I’m thorough. Or anal. Or maybe I’m just thinking this will be a great way to squeeze in another blog post. Or maybe I’m just crazy. Who knows. Probably a combination of all of that, along with a whole lot of nervousness, bravado, understanding, charisma, good vibes, bad vibes, anger, excitement, depression, warrior mindsets, bad habits, good habits, fun, adventure and whatever other emotions and thoughts a 32 year old entrepreneur can have…or that a human can have for that matter.

Actually, it has nothing to do with being an entrepreneur, all of those emotions will come through on this blog because I’m also one of those conscious, meat-coated skeletons we like to call a human being. Because that’s what humans do. We love, we hate, we try, we scream, we fight, we forgive, we try again, we fail, we hate, we scream, we love, we fight, we succeed, we fail, we try some more, we love some more, we cry, we grow, we make love, we create, we celebrate, we live. And we choose. And that’s what makes everything about being here and alive today so awesome. We can choose to hate these aspects of the human condition, or we can fall deeply in love with them and in turn fall deeply in love with ourselves. And you choose that, every waking moment.

So this post, and the relaunch of this blog in general, has a lot to do with falling in love with the creature that is Jason Berwick. Not you falling in love with me silly. Me falling in love with me. Finally. I am who I am and I hope to let that get out from inside my head, and this is what you can expect:

  • Let’s start with the fact that I’ll probably say fuck a lot. I hope you are not too much of a weenie to have that matter. I know you aren’t.
  • I also will probably put things in parenthesis, this usually means that as I was writing some nugget popped (I initially accidentally wrote pooped here 💩) into my head and I didn’t feel like rewriting the whole paragraph to fit it in, so I slammed it in mid sentence just like the poop emoji.
  • I write in fragments. What’s funny about that is that I now have an editor, but I don’t think I’m gonna let him touch my blog. As I continue to write I’ll get better at dealing with this at some point in the future I’m sure, but for now read through it. I spit out gold-laced tidbits of information and you’ll need to read through the fragments to mine it. Whether you choose to keep coming back to do that or not is entirely up to you.
  • I won’t be keeping a schedule. I’m too fucking busy. I’m in the process of launching 4 websites right now and my only goal for all of this is to try and write 1000 words every morning. And that’s not easy for me. I will, however, post when that writing turns into something impactful to say or turns into some sort of important knowledge to drop. And I will do it immediately. I will do it quickly. I will not edit it for a full week hoping to get it just right. I will not try to cater to an audience. I will be genuine and spew my brain into this ether we call the internet, with the sole hope of building a community, a tribe, friends, business partners, and family.
  • That being said, I also I am writing on this blog now for me. Don’t take that the wrong way. I hope to put out content that inspires other people, that helps other people, that frees other people, that awakens other people. But I am done caring about whether or not you all will like it, or what my tone sounds like, or how you will perceive the message. I am me, and I will write like me. This is a lesson in putting myself out there once again, getting comfortable with letting criticism come back, and becoming a better person because of it. This is a growth process and activity for me right now, and I hope that by doing this, I vicariously get you to grow, or help you learn something, or inspire you to create something incredible out of your own life.
  • Last time I did this blog thing I NEEDED the money. Badly. I was broke and digging deeper into debt everyday. That creates a weird dynamic. All I was ever thinking about was how can I write in order to send people to something that’s going to make me money, or how can I structure this into something to sell. That shit sucks, and I’m happy to say I don’t have to do that anymore. My other business ventures make more than enough to survive, so this is coming out as a method to learn and grow with you guys, as opposed to how can I make money off of you.
  • That also being said, I’m totally going to try and make money off of you. Honesty is the best policy, right? All joking aside, I’ve spent a lot of time in the trenches so far, and I plan on spending a lot of time putting those experiences into words and videos so you can do one of two things: learn from them or get a good laugh at my expense. I also am mining the secrets of the internet. I own eCommerce stores, affiliate marketing sites, and dropship sites and I know a ton of people who run internet service businesses, software businesses, podcasts, funnels, social media empires, etc etc etc. I’m learning new things everyday, experiencing new ways to extract money from the web, and I’m only guessing if you continually read my content you’re interested in doing that too. I’m giving a ton of it way to you because of the more important things mentioned in this post, but there will be affiliate links on this site, and maybe some things you might have to buy to get access to in the future. (Oh, and art! I’m drawing a lot these days and my biggest goal in life right now is to eventually sell a print!) So I hope that if you like me enough to keep coming back, I hope you also like me enough to send a little cheese my way by using my links or purchasing my products. You obviously don’t have to, you can certainly circumvent those links and never buy anything from me if you choose. That’s what makes us decidedly human, remember? The ability to choose. I’m an entrepreneur. I operate on decimals and dollar signs. I see profit behind every simple aspect of everyday life. I’m sure I will see it with this blog, so while it may be a byproduct of a massive connection with the community, I no longer want to make money off of you. I don’t need you for that anymore.
  • I need this, and you, on a far more deeper level now. I need this for therapy. I need this for you and me in the thick of things together, trying to figure out where in the hell we are and what the fuck we’re supposed to do next. With that in mind, the truth of the matter is that I really am just here doing this again to meet people. I am craving connection and I hope that we can have a good time, some great chats, and some epic experiences together. I have the money and the time and the freedom, what I need now are the relationships. I need this to find other weirdos just like me. I feel great right now as I spew my mind into this post, but what I care most about are the eventual connections I’ll make by doing this…with earthlings who actually feel the same way I do about life and things and work and experience and creation and love and existence. And if you’re vibing with what I’m saying, come find me and let’s rap a little bit about life and how we can make it the best possible small blip in time ever.

Thanks for listening nerds. We shall talk soon. In the meantime, go create something epic. Cheers!