Howdy Earthlings,

I’m Jason, business owner, systems fanatic, freedom seeker, and rage creator. You’ve managed to make your way all the way to my home base…nice to have you here and welcome to the launch pad.

In 2014, I set out on a quest to build a location independent, passive income business and today, thanks to my kick ass team, that business does over $900k in sales per year and takes me roughly 5 minutes per day to run. If you’d like to read more about all of that, you can do so here.

I’ve started this site in order to create a personal portal to connect with like minded people, as well as chronicle the journey as I try to take everything to the next level. I’m working on building up the content here around useful things I’ve learned during my adventures in building a business, growing as a human being, and traveling around the world.

Stayed tuned for more and check out my current projects here. If you’d like to connect, drop me a message here or find me on social media @jasonsepicquest. Journey On!



The Sweet Ass Domination Deck

I truly believe that thoughts become things. I have experienced it and witnessed it too many times to believe otherwise. Once this concept is believed and understood, all we have to do from there is continually cultivate an environment of strong powerful messages and experiences to keep our galactic receiver dialed into the right frequency. Regularly affirming things to ourselves that we wish to be present and real in our life helps facilitate the growth of a strong mind. If you are anything like me, however, it all will seem a little bit too woo woo at first. Most motivational techniques and processes smell of weak hearted attempts to try and force you into doing something. It’s easy to ignore them and block out the tired phrases, watered down messages, and uninspired cliches. That’s what we are trying to fix here. Heath Armstrong and I created the Sweet Ass Domination Deck: Affirmations to Motivate Your Creative Maniac Mind in an attempt to break that mold.  The deck consists of 62 hilarious, unfiltered cards packed with bursts of motivation to help you dominate your existence. Strong words combined with powerful messaging and a little humor can go a long way in training your brain, and we have utilized the Rage Create mantra to drip tiny doses of the Universes power directly into your monkey mind. We are launching a Kickstarter Campaign on May 15th to help fund the initial order of the decks, and will have exclusive early bird tiers for any of you awesome souls who want to get in now! To get on our mailing list and receive notification of when it goes live and get in on the early bird tiers, drop us your email address here:

FBA Library

Think of it as the Yellow Pages of Amazon FBA selling. It’s a consolidated, quick draw rolodex of every single tool, service, Facebook group, chrome plugin, and internet resource the we’ve used, heard of, or could uncover all in one place. After 3 years of online selling, this website is the result of having 8 million bookmarks stored in Google chrome, hundreds of pages saved in Evernote, and never being able to find any of them when I quickly needed too. So we gathered up all those tools, made the information easy to use and digest, and launched an index for much easier discovery. Don’t go chasing rabbits down Google web search, just head to and find what you need quickly and easily.


My great grand father once painted a recreation of the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in such detail that he had to use a paintbrush with only 3 bristles and a jewelers loupe to see his strokes. Talk about precision. In my younger years, I could not fathom the amount of patience and dedication it took to do something like this…I couldn’t possibly believe anyone would willingly sit still and focus on each tiny little brush stroke for so long. However, my recent path in discovering creativity and mindfulness have totally changed my understanding. ANY big project or creative pursuit requires training the mind to be able to focus. It’s a meditative endeavor, and I am learning to love the calm that focusing on an activity like this gives me. Apparently I inherited some of my great grandfathers genes and I can wield a pen. Ink and paper is my medium, and I post some of my work here because I’m proud of it. Let me know what you think.