For the better part of the last 3 years, maybe slightly longer, I have been using the Internet to make money.

I’ve owned and operated a successful eBay business, built websites for clients, and provided online marketing consultation services to high-profile clients through my company.

Although these entrepreneurial milestones have been really fulfilling, they can’t really compare to the joys I’ve experienced since having the freedom to operate my business from any location with a decent Wi-Fi connection. These business ventures have allowed me to begin my travel adventures, snowboard in the best spots in the US, and explore the country on my mountain bike.

For me, this is living life to the fullest.

The businesses I have created give me the reassurance that I can, without a doubt, make enough money to live comfortably without having to reenter the corporate world, even if I still have to pick up part- time work now and again. It’s a great security blanket to have, but to me, something was missing in the grand scheme of things.

See, over the past 3 years, I have gained a thorough understanding of the ebbs and flows of Internet traffic as well as the process in which money circulates on the Internet.

From my realizations, I am deeply convinced that through Internet marketing techniques such as information marketing, affiliate sales, dropship eCommerce, and blogging, I can make money using internet real estate that flows in on autopilot.

The keyword to understand here is “autopilot”. 

In all honesty, although my business ventures have all been successful so far, none of them seem to have that one element I am really looking for – automation.

Over the course of the years, I’ve gone through dozens of courses on how to use social media to generate traffic, how to affiliate market an info product, how to build a list, how to blog properly and build a following, and the likes. With the concepts I picked up, I managed to stumble into a method that utilizes SEO, web traffic, and Amazon to make affiliate sales and generate automated income. Although I’ve had the process on paper for quite some time now, I have yet to fully invest time and money into it due to some initial apprehensions caused by my unfamiliarity with the nature of the system I wanted to use.

However, despite some uncertainty, I have decided to go all in. Here’s why.

As marketing practitioners, we have to test a lot of ideas in order to validate a process.  So despite my apprehensions, I just had to give it a try.

In January of 2014, I bought an Amazon affiliate product on for something like $50. After the purchase, I proceeded to run the site according to the system I developed.

First, I redesigned the site to increase its value. Then, I started promoting the site via blogs and social media. I worked on the site for about half a month (about 2 hours a week) before I made drastic changes that completely altered my life.

I had put in a total of 15 hours of work on the site when I abruptly stopped promoting it. At that point in time, most of my projects and ventures got pushed by the wayside because I was focused on moving cross country to not only address the things which I felt were wrong in my life but also to rediscover my passions (a story for another time).

This was one of the projects that got temporarily shelved during this period.

During this period of inactivity, however, something significant happened.

As some of you may or may not understand yet, ground work SEO and article marketing is a long term game.

On July 21st, about 4 months after letting the site go idle, I randomly checked on the site to see what was happening (I was ready to restart the funnel after addressing some personal issues in my life).

This decision to check the site was the catalyst that put in motion a second cross country move, again though, a story for another day.

I was promptly blown away!

Unbeknownst to me, my social media funnel, thanks to my amazing VA, had been set to autopilot and ended up growing to about 700 followers.  When I checked the Amazon Associates account, lo and behold, I had a sale! Two, in fact, and a conversion rate of over 10%!  It astounded me! See the proof in the screenshot below:

1st affiliate Sale

At first glance, the figures may seem underwhelming. After all, it’s peanuts as far as money and revenue are concerned.  However, that’s not the point.

Money and revenue shouldn’t be the goal when you are starting out.  The point here is that the formula WORKED, and once you have the foundation in place, scale takes care of the rest.

The fact of the matter is that despite hardly putting any work into the site and not touching it in four months, I had officially made my first “autopilot” dollar online.

My vision was correct.

My formula had worked and I haven’t even really fully instituted it or promoted the site like I had originally planned.

The next question that naturally went through my mind was “What if I ACTUALLY followed the plan fully, actually worked on the site daily, and really gave it a hard push?”

I know the answer to that question, because I understand how traffic and money flow on the Internet. From this certainty, my mind wanders to the prospect of creating more sites in other niches that can earn monthly on autopilot. I think from this, you can already tell where my train of thought is going.

Making this incredible discovery during the course of my quest was an amazing moment in my life.

This was what I wanted to do on a daily basis, so I quickly had a change of heart with my business.  If you’ve read some of my other posts, you may be aware that I had previously operated without a definite blueprint and I had gone back and forth with the notion of reentering the real world, as well as with some of my business ventures. This small yet inspiring victory, however, has given me a clear direction towards realizing my vision.

It turns out that the lack of trust I had in myself was holding me back despite the fact that I had known all along that it was possible to use Internet marketing to generate residual income. Well, what is important now is that I finally have the faith and the confidence to carry out my goals. I’m diving in head first and will do whatever it takes to achieve those goals.

After realizing what I had right under my nose, I went into a massive creation phase. I have a ridiculously large, in-depth niche affiliate plan built out and am in the process of implementing it now.  Keep an eye out for the details of that plan and updates on the progress of this revenue stream.

Are you interested in more information on how this process works? Send over some comments and let me know the questions that you have. I will be writing an in-depth guide on how to attack this market in the future, and would love to know your thoughts and concerns.

Stay EPIC!


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