“So, Jason’s Epic Quest, huh? What is this blog about?”



That’s it.


No silly, not that freedom.


Not the good ole’ American definition of freedom where you spend more time forced to work for someone else while they make all the money.

You know, how you are free to HAVE to wake up at a certain time, free to spend all day in a cubicle, and free to get reamed out by some dude that spent (borrowed?) 6 figures worth of money to get an MBA from school he spent most of the time getting hammered at.

That is definitely not the freedom I am after.

I am talking about True Freedom.

Free to wake up when I please.

Free to work out when my body wants (not when my boss allows).

Free to live anywhere at any given time and

Free to live my life exactly the way I want.

So here it is, my Epic Quest for Freedom.

I’ve been through a decent amount of entrepreneurial ups and downs in my Quest so far, and I know without a doubt that I am on the verge of finally breaking out.

The Epilogue has been written; with my break out from the corporate world into this intriguing, unknown roller coaster of a life I knew that I needed to explore. You can read about that in most of the beginning posts on my blog.

Then Chapter 1 saw me flip my life upside down more than once, only to eventually come to my senses, define a path, a goal, a mission, my dream and everything else that comes along with finally understanding what your soul desires to do and to be in this world.

I headed to the races fast, and my eCommerce business and my blog have taken off because of the sheer joy I find while working on these projects each and every day.

As I sit here writing on my last day of Vacation, I have never been more excited to gear up and get moving into a new phase, Chapter 2.

This is the section in my story in which I know I will finally start to really see the fruits of my labor as I witness all of the systems all fall into place.

Each and every day I can, quite literally, FEEL the snowball growing, and that lets me know that the formula is working.

I turn 30 in a 2 short months, and the growth and build out of the groundwork I’ve been laying in Chapter 1 is about to take off.

I can’t help but think that my 30th is going to be an amazing year for my quest.

30 is going to be THE year.

I know what I am doing, I know where I am going, and I know exactly how I am going to get there.

Although that’s going to mean a whole lot of serious, hard work,  this is hard work that I am stoked to get up each morning and do.

Soooo then…..where exactly am I going?

Nine months ago, I was living with my parents, bleeding money profusely from all directions, and just being clueless about where I was going and what I wanted to do with my life (only the fact that I wanted adventure in my life was clear to me during this time).

For me, adventure means mountains, and all the adrenaline-filled things they offer, so I packed up my little Nissan Altima and made off for Denver, CO.

Well, the move was expensive and I now had no free rent and food from Mom and Dad. This increased my debt profile dramatically, increased expenses, and the uncertainty in future money flows sent me into panic mode.

I proceeded to almost shut down my business, start a new career, and maybe give this all a retry again as soon as my feet were back on the ground.

I almost gave up.

Luckily, the universe gives us what we need, and I settled on a part time gig that ended up saving my entire journey. I had the startling realization that part time income, plus the money coming back from my current business ventures, would allow me to pay every bill plus some.

This might end up being the defining moment in my Adventurepreneural career, in which I finally made it to a point where I will never have to work for someone full time again.

All I need is some side money, a throw away job and to continue to build and create new micro businesses.

This can be done from anywhere.

Indefinitely if needed be.

With this ace in my back pocket, I pushed hard to build up my blog and my eCommerce business. I sold or shut down any venture that didn’t make me shout “Fuck Yeah!” and am now focusing on the ones that do make me giddy each morning when I wake up.

So where am I going?


And quickly.

Because it’s fun now and I know there lies nothing else ahead of me but the path I am going to lay out below.

So without further ado…


On many different levels.

I will be putting a huge focus into building up automated micro income streams, not only because my blog is about it, but because it’s the true path to freedom.

To live the #adventurepreneur lifestyle, we need systems and automation to free up our time.

The best road for that is to build self-sustaining Internet micro businesses in many different areas, so if one burns up, we have all of the rest to rely on.

As I expand into these areas, I will be writing more about how to do it yourself.


For now, here is a brief overview of my plan:

  1. Blog- If you have been following my journey at all, you will see one of the things I talk about is starting a blog.  And the reason for doing so is to keep accountability at a maximum, develop a group of like-minded Epic Questers, document my successes and failures, and help others achieve success as well. Having an outlet to connect with the world, a home base, and a central location to create seems to become more and more important each day. As I write, I get fired up. As I plan with you guys, I get motivated. And as I get motivated, I crush it. So thank you first and foremost for joining me here.
  2. Amazon Affiliate Sites The 10-second pitch goes like this:  Build site, drive traffic, send to Amazon, Amazon deposits cookie, you make commission if they buy something within 24 hours.  It works best with big-ticket items and you have to do A LOT of SEO. I am working on a site in a big way currently, and will blog about the progress in the coming months. I hope to have these systemized into a push button structure in the coming year, so that I can find a lucrative niche through keyword and trend research, press play, and launch an income stream. There is a lot of work to do around this, but when completed it should prove to be an extremely powerful system.
  3. eCommerce! eCommerce is totally my jam. I simply just love selling stuff. I come from an economics background and the phrase “Buy Low, Sell High” just make sense to me. Once you source a product and get it up to the web, it’s just about installing an Internet Marketing funnel on top of it to move product. And that’s my other area of expertise. So needless to say I am overly excited about this. I have written in the past about my trials and tribulations dealing with sourcing product, shipping physical product, and trying to manage all these aspects while on the road adventuring around the country. I have discussed the fact that I wanted to move into a more dropped shipped or Amazon FBA shipped product in order to have someone else fulfill the product. Well, I still am going to do all of that, but I have resurrected the eCommerce animal I was running before. Main reason? I found a supplier. I found an Epic source for massive amounts of inventory that turns over at 1 to 3x costs, depending on the item. And I am moving LOTS of it. Since I have restarted, I have immediately begun to make thousands of dollars per month in PROFIT and am anticipating a 5 figure average monthly revenue sooner than later. Anyone with a little time and effort has the luxury of doing this exact same thing, so part of the course I am developing will dive deep into this process.
  4. Product Creation- Closer and closer to reality every day, let’s just say it’s no longer a far off little thought. The Adventurepreneur Academy is now real, and every waking moment I have not submerged in Athletic Apparel and my eCommerce venture is spent putting together this for you guys. My grand opus, my muse, and your ticket to freedom. Keep an eye out for more information on this in the coming months. You’ll want to know when it launches, because it is looking like it will be a game changer.
  5. Affiliate Marketing – Disclaimer:  This website is riddled with affiliate links.  Don’t judge me.  I gotta eat too 🙂  On a serious note though, I will only link to products that I use regularly, or have extracted massive value from.  I have run into too much crap, too many liars, and too many crooks to turn around and do that to someone else.  It’s just not my style.
  6. Freelance Web Work – I built and sold a company building websites, doing SEO, dissecting social media funnels, and marketing businesses.  In the process I got damn good at it. It only makes sense that, in order to keep the bank account padded, I explore potential opportunities to use my skill set and help other people get websites and marketing funnels together. This could come in the form of web design, SEO, content creation, or social media consulting. Drop me a line if you need any help with any sort of work. I’ll give you a free consultation and an honest opinion if I think you should spend the money to hire someone to promote your company.

How I am going to get there.

Short answer? A lot of hard ass work.

I am not afraid to bust my rump now, so that I can sit back and enjoy the ride later. I will succeed at this, simply because I am crazy enough to think that I can, and dedicated enough to put in the effort needed to do it.

I know the formula; it’s all about application now.

I’ve have been teaching project managers and VA’s how to perform the back end systems that make these ventures run, so that manifests a pretty epic starting point for me to begin talking to you about how to do that same things. You can build the systems yourself as well in order to start your very own web business, we just need to get to work on the how.

One of the biggest plans I have in the works is the goal of getting this information out to the public.

Creating an online business, generating a following with something you know extremely well and are passionate about, and freeing up your time to do the things you love is entirely too easy and too important to keep that information locked away in my Dropbox account.

So I am creating a blog about FREEDOM (and Happiness)!

Okay, so my quest is for freedom, but in all reality, being truly free and being able to live the #adventurepreneuer lifestyle is really the only way I will be able to be fully happy.

So, I digress.

This blog and my quest might actually be about Happiness AND Freedom.

So Cheers!

Here is to 30!

Here is to the break out years!

Here is to crushing it and chasing your dreams!

Here is to freedom and happiness!

Stay EPIC!


My eBook “Top 7 Mistakes Newbies Make When Trying to Quit Their Job and Build a Business” is available for download for free. It’s the first of many guides I am sharing to help you make your own e-business so you can enjoy the freedom doing what you want, when you want.

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